Friday Fictioneers: A Vampire And A Werewolf Walk Into A Room …

Every week Rochelle adds another photo that has been donated to her by a kind soul to use as a prompt for a piece of fiction of around 100 words. Take a look at the link above if you want to have a go, or click on the frog if you want to read other stories.

This is part of an ongoing saga about a vampire, [Raynard] his prey, [Saskia] a vampire he recently sired, [Tess] and an army of helpers trying to defend Saskia. You can read the full story so far here on my page, or here on Jules who writes from the side of Saskia.


© Renee Heath

Tess still felt nervous around the Werewolf, Zeke, but she no longer felt the urge to run. Now, they sat in the waiting room of the shaman’s surgery. They gave no names or history before entry.  Zeke wanted the shaman to rid Tess of her evil before it gained a hold.

The door opened, and a pungent aroma from the Shamans scented mystical candles rolled out, leaving what seemed to a trail of dead air behind it. Tess lay on the table as Zeke and the Shaman strapped her down. She knew she would rather die than turn evil …

24 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: A Vampire And A Werewolf Walk Into A Room …

  1. “She knew she would rather die than turn evil …” With this cast of characters, it can probably be arranged. I like the title as well, although they might have preferred to walk into a bar. 🙂


    • Haha yes. I thought I would have something akin to a joke for the title 🙂 You’re right, there is a lot of death that follow these vampires around. 🙂

  2. Strapped down on the table…

    It sounds like a ghoulish affair to me Al
    and just perfect for a story based on the
    Werewolf and Vampire 🙂 Well done…


      • Does it have to be of a lady strapped down to something or is that too naughty for your Space, and reader base? 🙂 lol

        There is one on my G+ of a sexy lady tied down with chains, or there is always the roped one, or the… Well you choose, or pick one of your own, which might be the safer bet 😉

        Have a fun evening and give me a nudge when the Wednesday edition is added 🙂


    • Thank you Susan 🙂 I am going to have to carry this bit on next week. There was no amount of jiggery pokery that would enable me to do the whole thing in one go

  3. Dear Al,

    Great title. BTW…in your intro you have the Jules rights Saskia, Was she wrong? Did she fall over and have to be righted?

    Zeke the werewolf. Hm.



    • Whoops thanks Rochelle. Your quite write. Hehe
      Yes, it is supposed to be write. Thanks for pointing that out. Will see if I can edit it on my phone. If not I will have to do it in the morning. Thanks for the visit, I appreciate it

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