Castle Knights

These shots are ones that I took of the castle yesterday from the other end of the beach. The view is beautiful. The last of the castle photos was taken about two minutes from where I live. Then last night, I set my camera to 120 seconds and took a photo of the Western Docks lights and their reflections. I considered playing with them, making them monochrome etc, but felt they look better this way.


33 thoughts on “Castle Knights

  1. It would be amazing to live that near to a castle but I have to say, your last shot was spectacular. This is probably my favorite nighttime shot you have posted. 🙂

  2. It would be cool to live somewhere with castles nearby. We only have mountain fortresses and most of those were destroyed by the Japanese at some point and have since been rebuilt. I would love to live in a real castle sometime, although the upkeep might be a bit of a pain.

    • One of the buildings was used as an officers mess during the second world war, and has been derelict for about 40 years. To rebuild it would cost about £3 million (About $4-5m)

  3. All beautiful, but I love the night shot. An author of a work of fiction once wrote that the reflections of the lights in the water were like “subterranean candles.” I think of that every time I see such reflections.

  4. I think it’s extraordinary that so many ancient edifices remain standing throughout Europe. A friend of mine and his wife visited Germany several years ago and stayed in a refurbished medieval castle with several friends. He took some beautiful pictures.

    I saw a program earlier today about the legendary “Knights Templar.” That reminded me of this blog:

    I don’t know if you’re familiar with Tony McMahon, Alastair, but he lives in the U.K.

    • There is a suburb of this town called Temple Ewell where the Knights Templar used to meet, and the town hall here has them in the stained glass windows. Some of them were really nasty pieces of work, But that is the same with any group of people. Thanks for the link

    • It’s Dover Castle. The Queen Mother used to be the Lord Warden, but no one famous lives there any more. It was built per the request of King Henry II in 1180 and then added to and finally made the way it is now in 1544 by Henry VIII builders.

    • Thanks Raewyn. I was going to use it as my photo of the week, but I already had a night one a couple of months ago

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