In Justice There Is Injustice

When someone is accused of embezzling thousands and they don’t have the money to pay for a lawyer or bail, I think that tells you something about being innocent. Please read this blog post and spread the word. Maybe – just maybe – there is someone out there that can prove Rara’s innocence.

36 thoughts on “In Justice There Is Injustice

  1. That’s heartbreaking… I’ve posted it on Facebook… not that I think that will help it to go viral, but at least it will go someway to raising awareness. I’d donate if I could, but I’m still trying to financially recoup some ground myself… My thoughts and feelings go out to her…

    • If she is innocent, then this is a huge miscarriage of justice. If she is guilty, then as Duncan said below, I am completely wrong about her

  2. I reblogged Rara’s post yesterday, Al. I’m shocked both ways. If she’s guilty I’m a terrible judge of character. If she’s innocent, someone I regard as a friend is in the slammer for no reason. Having spent just one night in a cell, I know how hideous it is.
    Either way, this is a horrible situation for Rara, her legions of fans, and for Dave and the family.

  3. I’m just from Rara’s blog where I linked to yours. I’m in shock Al. Our legal systems are different and so I cannot claim to know it all or even understand why an innocent person would be hauled to jail when and if there’s evidence to the fact! Of course all the evidence against her can be trumped up!

    Is it a case of racism or sexual harassment that she rebuffed. Why would her employers do this to her? The questions are endless, Al. I don’t even know what to say.

    I can understand and respect her wishes not to fight the system anymore. Where is the money coming from for her to go on fighting? If she had embezzled so much as they claim won’t she be able to afford the cost of lawyers?

    Are there no organizations in the US that stand up and fight for innocent people like Rara? I pray for her family, Al.

    • I have no idea what the illegal system is in the US, but it is unfair that she has been treated like this, probably because someone took a dislike to her.

    • We don’t know, do we? We were not in court, we did not hear any evidence, we’re just flying by emotion here.
      I don’t want to believe Rarasaur is guilty, but it is just possible that she is. I don’t reckon so, but it is possible. There must be some evidence, or the case would not have made court, even in the USA.
      But it is possible she is guilty. I hope not

  4. Where does she live? If her former employer accused her of embezzling, what proof do they have? There are generally a paper and / or electronic trails pointing to such transgressions.

    • I believe she is in the US and you would be surprised at the information they can find for the right money on the right pockets

  5. I think justice sometimes doesn’t see things as she should. Just sayin’
    Seems like he/she with the most money usually wins in legal cases.

  6. I’ve only just discovered Rara. Surely, the power of the blogosphere can change this? It’s a ‘country’ with hundreds of thousands of people, for goodness sake. If I’m feeling like stamping my feet and screaming then the people who know her must be feeling so much worse.

    • I couldn’t agree more. It’s sickening that guilty can get off without a problem, and the innocent are made to suffer

    • I believe she is not guilty. But it’s a gut reaction, because I like her so much, her humanity is a lesson to us all. BUT. It’s not impossible she is guilty. She just might be

  7. What a sorry state of affairs. Way too many innocent people go to gaol because they don’t have the money or the energy to fight the system.

  8. I think I made a comment on your post yesterday morning about the quotes on loss and new beginnings being extra meaningful . I had just found out about this and was in shock. Still am, actually.

      • Question for my non US-friends: if an employer or a person accuses another of a crime, like theft, what is done (other than possibly calling the police)? Does there have to be a “reasonable” amount of evidence to take it further, to court, or is it sorted out at that level?

        If that makes any sense…and I’m just barging in here with this since I know you both (Al and Duncan) are in the UK.

        • It’s a bit complicated, Sheena. The police have to assemble a case, and that then goes to the Crown Prosecution Service, a sort of review system. They decide if there is a case to be made, but critically they decide if it will serve the public interest for the case to be pursued. If it’s not in the public interest they will not prosecute. Saves a lot of time and money

          • “serve the public interest for the case to be pursued”–as it should be

            We have the Grand Jury process, but I think it only goes as far as if there is enough evidence to have it heard in court to determine if a crime was committed. I think, which is why some people take the chance to plead vs. getting hit with a harsher sentence via trial. It sucks either way because it all comes down to resources and perception.

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