Friday Fictioneers: The Trial of Tess – Part Two

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This is part of the Raynard story, but this particular story is a trial that Tess, Raynard’s created vampire, is having to go through in an attempt to curb her evil. You can read the full story here on my page, or here on Jules who writes the Saskia side of the story. Saskia is the human woman Raynard is chasing down in an attempt to kill her.

The Trials Of Tess Part 2

As Tess felt the wax drip onto her naked body and heard the Shaman chanting, she closed her eyes and thought of a time she spent beside the sea with her husband, clearing the area of debris and then basking in the sunlight.

Pain racked her body as the Shaman sprayed water on her, and she screamed, writhing in agony. Her neck arched and her head tilted back, her lips receding and her two canine teeth protruding seeking blood to ease the pain.

Zeke made a grab for her hand, but the Shaman glared at him. He could not interfere.

27 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: The Trial of Tess – Part Two

    • I don’t know how long this Tess one is going on for, but it is one that I can’t scrimp on the words for as it is a very important plot piece.

      • Maybe you can use one of your Sunday Photo prompt pieces so you can use more words. I don’t think that anywhere we set in stone each segment had to be just from Friday Fictioneers or just 100 words.

        Just saying… go for it!

    • Thanks Patricia. I have been getting comments from my sister and daughter as to how this should go and what I should do with Tess. I am beginning to see this part as a movie kind of piece. I can see it in my mind which is why I am being descriptive with it

    • They don’t. I was discussing this with my daughter and she was begging me not to kill her off. Thank you Rochelle 🙂

  1. It’s a hard life being unique,
    I wonder what will happen next?

    Great story writing Al and keep
    up the fine work, you have many
    strings to your bow my friend 🙂


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