Early To Rise

I wrote this on Sunday morning whilst photographing the rowing club.

Early To Rise

Rise 0

Morning chills leave a frost
Outside, watching, cold attacking hands
Swimmers covered in wax
Hiding skin and mocking fake tans

Rise 1

Early risers exercise along the beach
Most getting up at bed time for party-goers
Runners and cyclists keeping pace
Canoeists and boaters, coxesย and rowers.Rise 2

Sea is calm on a Sunday morn
Looking flat, more pleasing than rough
Gulls and Terns race each other for fish
Grabbing more than the other, never having enoughRise 3

Old people meet with friends
Sitting on any seats they can find
Talking about days long gone
And friends no longer in the grindRise 4

As the day moves always on
Youngsters start to waken and rise
Learning from parents and teachers
Experience in life, the biggest prize

ยฉ A Forbes 2014 (Images 2012-2014)

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