Friday Fictioneers: The Trial Of Tess – Part Three

Every week, Rochelle shares a photo with us to use as a prompt for a fictional piece with somewhere around 100 words. Have a go if you want to by clicking this link here, or read what others have written by clicking on the likkle fwoggie.

My story is an ongoing Vampire tale. This is the third and final part of an inner story attempting to rid a relatively new vampire (Tess) of the evil inside her.

You can read the entire story on my page here, or on Jules’ page here. Jules writes the same story from a different angle.

*For some reason I can’t upload the photo so I am having to link to it on Rochelle’s page. Sorry.

The Trial of Tess (Part Three)

“Sheep? Why are there sheep? Grass? That’s not right. I don’t remember grass!” Suddenly intense pain brought Tess back to the present. She let out a long, painful, scream as a light wispy smoke exuded from every pore. The pain from every inch of her body felt like a thousand knives pushing through her at once. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head, as she could not withstand any more agony. She slumped onto the table, falling into unconsciousness, as the Shaman staggered into the wall.

“Is it done?” Zeke asked him.

“Her dominant personality will control her now,” the Shaman replied, nodding.

33 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: The Trial Of Tess – Part Three

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  2. Now I have three wonderful segments to add…to my page.
    Thanks for keeping this story going.
    I might just add something – sooner or later 😉

    • Thanks Eric. The whole three parter was something I could not restrict to one dose of 100 words. There was too much that needed to go through. Rather than “The shaman cast a spell on her and something happened. Yay for shamans” 😀

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