Nearly Is Not Close Enough

Theses are a couple of photos that very nearly made it to the Photo of the Week. The moon was the original, then the bird until something came along today. The bird is a little too grainy which is why I decided to use the one I have used instead, plus I already have a bird this month. The moon – I have done so many moon shots, I don’t think I should put any in the Photo of the Week anymore this year unless it is something spectacular like being able to see an alien running across it.

Week 20 - Missed 1 Week 20 - Missed 2

39 thoughts on “Nearly Is Not Close Enough

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    • Thank you Karen πŸ™‚ Range is a couple of million miles πŸ˜‰ Amazing isn’t it. I can look through a telescope and see the moons of Jupiter. I can use a camera and take a photo of the craters on the moon. But I can’t take a damn clean shot of something in front of me lol

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