Sunday Photo Fiction: A Bad Dream?

I knew how I wanted to write this image, but it was finding the right words. As a “thought” or “memory”, the words and phrases used are a lot more complex than the standard story telling, so they are more difficult to come up with. A thesaurus is my friend with this.

Every Sunday a photo is used as a prompt for a piece of fiction of around the 200 word mark. If you would like to have a go yourself, then head over to Sunday Photo Fiction to take a look, or click the blue creature to read stories that others have written.

This story is part of an ongoing one about a female half human, half god daughter of Zeus. You can read the full story above under Fiction / A Journey To Olympus.

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59 05 May 11th 2014

The treasure hunter weaved her way amongst the array of statues with trepidation, casting a glance, athwart towards the simulacrum with the terror look, or the effigy with arms extended, precluding harm. Yet another ripped asunder in a quart of parts. Thoughts and images permeated her mind, as to the identity of the sculptor of the nonpareil monuments. Grasping her scimitar steadfastly, her wheezing breath and her tremulous hands caused her disquiet mind to pause in function as a sound behind caused her to turnabout. The eyes of the treasure hunter alit upon the …

Cora sat bolt upright, breathing heavily and gritting her teeth to fight against the rapid pounding of her heart. Rising from her cot, she dunked her head into a pail of water in an effort to remove the vision from her mind. Whatever she had just seen, felt like no dream she ever experienced before. It felt so real, and the terror … looking at the palms of her hands, she saw marks where her fingers dug into her palm. The right hand though, that had the marks of holding a sword. She crunched her hand into a fist and flakes of stone fell from her knuckles.

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