WordPress Fixed It, But ….

Okay, now the stats are more “statty” like. It says I have had 73 visitors with 137 views. But that has been replaced by another problem. If I haven’t commented on your blog, it may be that I have. I have noticed that my comments are vanishing as soon as I post them now, so they are going in to the Spam bin again!! I had this problem last year, and I am now seriously contemplating taking my business elsewhere. I do pay for my WordPress, but it’s not enough to make a difference to them whether I stay or go.

Can someone recommend a good blogging site please.

52 thoughts on “WordPress Fixed It, But ….

  1. Apparently there is a new blogging platform at pistach.io but having had so much trouble with blogger I think I’ll stay here. I know these comments are late – I’ve been away with virtually no internet – both a blessing and a curse, lol.

  2. WP has been buggy for the last nine or so months on and off, I found that the server doesn’t send my site information through sometimes and like you comments or likes disappear. It would be a loss if you were to go though mate…

  3. yes. It sucks, but it’s the least of all evils–maybe–I kept a site free of all blogging sites initially–I know how to build websites from my college years–and that is probably the best solution of all. You are complete captain of your site.

    The plus of WP is the built-in sphere of folk. What I don’t like about it is their system for pressing. They often press the same blogger over and over–thus bumping up his/her traffic enormously–and ignore talented newcomers (yes, myself, I consider myself talented)

    like any system–it’s not fair. Just look at politics, work politics…all politics. Personally, I picture about 5 jerks sitting in a room, fielding all of us…

    • I tried to get myself pressed with my posts about Prostate Cancer checks last year, but they wouldn’t. I even asked them to, but they didn’t. Obviously I didn’t interact enough with a couple of other bloggers

  4. Al, please stay with WordPress. I don’t like Blogspot or anything else. Just have patience. I know how frustrating it can be. They did it to me once. But I like WP. (sigh)

    • This isn’t the first time. But I am too ingrained into WP to leave. Where would I go? And what about all my photos I have uploaded?

    • I haven’t unfortunately. I have only been to a couple of blogs. I was hoping to get to yours sometime this week. My course is taking a lot of my time, along with my son’s 18th birthday next week and my daughter’s 16th next month

    • I think I was just annoyed yesterday. I am so used to WordPress, I would hate to have to start all over again again.

      Odd how you can have the word “again” twice and mean something.

      It’s like the word “and”. You can have it five times in a row and make sense. and and and and and.

      A publican has a sign made “Rose And Crown” When he looks at it, he sees the spacings between the words are too great, so he calls the signwriter. He tells him:

      There is too much space between “Rose” and “and” and “and” and “Crown” Five in a row. Makes perfect sense 🙂 Someone did try to go further and said I left too much of a breath between Rose and and and and and and and and and and and Crown but that was silly because she in turn left too much space between … the words LOL

  5. Personally, I do not have too many problems. Except when they do, updates. All blog platforms that I had the opportunity to read, it seems that WordPress, remains head of favorites. Many problems also seems you. Have a good day 🙂

  6. I seem to be really lucky as I haven’t really encountered many problems. I have heard from others though that they are not happy. Renard has moved to Google blogger, but I have to admit I don’t go there, and only read his wordpress posts. Also I like a blog where you can press a like button and don’t just have to comment,Sometimes I like it but don’t have much to say. I started off with blogspot.com and moved to wordpress which I really find better! Here the audience is better! I do hope you can sort it out!

    • Me too, as I really don’t want to change. I started on Google blogger in 2004 and you don’t get informed when people comment on your posts. WordPress is the best one of them all.

  7. Let me know what you figure out. I have been long tired of people not getting notifications for my posts and me not getting theirs.

  8. Upgrading and improving is one thing. But to keep on doing it without testing it first before implementing it, that’s another story. I made my blog only less than a year ago and I don’t want to deal with moving to another one unless it’s absolutely necessary.

    • I agree. They should also inform us when they are going to make these changes. I’ve been here for seven or eight years, and this blog for Four

    • Their “Happiness Engineers” should know that we don’t want things changing. It’s like the app on the iPhone which I am using to type this. It no longer has the comment that was replied to. Say your comment here was a reply to one of mine, I would have to either go in search of the previous comment or guess 😦

      • Wow, you blog on your iPhone? I am not that organized. I occasionally read on my iPhone, but I don’t try to comment. I prefer my laptop for that. Luckily it’s pretty portable.

        I would like a few things changed. I would like to know how many total likes I have. I know they can provide this information, they have this information, but they don’t make it available.

        I like the new reblog format. I hate the way the reader is now. I hate when they change things and make them worse, like when they changed the awards page to a “trophy case”. That change still burns my burgers.

        Oh well, I will cut my rant off here. You are not alone in your frustration, my friend.

  9. The problem is wordpress knows it’s the best blog hosting site out here outside of going into private blog hosting. WordPress just will not stop “upgrading & improving” the site. They mess up much more than they improve or upgrade. I would take my blog private yesterday if that didn’t mean losing all you blogger friends by moving my blog.

    • It does, I am getting seriously fed up with it. I have paid for WP for three years now, and this is how we are treated. Why change anything when it was fine to begin with?

  10. I’m with you. It seems that WP has changed considerably in thelast year or so. Used to be “Friendlier”. Now? It seems to be run by a bunch of tech-nazis.

    Let me know where you might end up. I may follow you there.

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