WordPress Is At It Again

WordPress is having a hissy fit again with problems here there and everywhere. One persons comments are not able to be published, comments are going to the spam bin, and the most amusing one:

Views: …………. 22

Home page / Archives 5
Sunday Photo Fiction: A Bad Dream? 3
Just Because It’s Not What You Were Expecting … 3
Friday Fictioneers: The Trial Of Tess – Part Three 2
Don’t Force Things To Happen, Just Allow Things To Happen 2
Accept What Is, Let go Of What Was, And Have Faith In What Will Be 2
Be Brave. Even If You Are not, Pretend To Be. No One Can Tell The Difference 2
Teaser Tuesdays: May 13th 2014 1
Nearly Is Not Close Enough 1
Victory belongs to the most persevering ~ Napoleon Bonaparte 1
Total views of posts on your blog 22

But … more amusing than that is this one:

Country Views
United States FlagUnited States 16
Philippines FlagPhilippines 2
United Kingdom FlagUnited Kingdom 2
Singapore FlagSingapore 1
France FlagFrance 1
So that one person has visited 16 times from the US, twice from the Philippines and the UK, and once from each of France and Singapore. That is a lot of travelling in 11 hours and 42 minutes.


57 thoughts on “WordPress Is At It Again

  1. If someone adds a post to Stumbleupon it only shows one visitor – but views from many places….. It took me a while to work that one out, is that what’s happening to you?

    • No, it was just a glitch then, but it is sorted now. It was just a pain in the bum when they fiddle about with everything

  2. Oh, it’s always something isn’t it?! Kind of exciting to try to figure out what will happen next. Just had trouble with my post not showing up correctly in the reader but it seems to be fixed now…at least for the moment!

    • Yeah, I just commented to Cindy that I may think about heading to a different blog host. I have been with WordPress for seven years, and when there is a problem they usually blame you first. Even though you have tried everything, then take over a week getting back to you

  3. I love wordpress’s non-responsiveness to this stuff. It’s like a Monty Python spoof, the Bureau of No-help, Help!! The best yet was 22 days of posts missing from the reader. Even I was impressed. Email them and they will blame your computer. Tell them it happens in hotels all over the world and they will blame the hotel’s computers. They must have inservices on how to deflect, deny and defend, kinda like Rchard Nixon in the watergate hearings!!! 😎

    • To tell you the truth, I becoming more and more irritated with the way WordPress handles things. If I hadn’t just paid for another twelve months for my blog, I would be off somewhere else. I may just start somewhere else anyway and start migrating over the next year

  4. Oh boy, I’m a believer (as the Monkey’s sang) and never doubted my stats. Good thing is that I rarely visit them. Now I’m going there more, and getting more confused! Oh well. Glad I found you thanks to Courtney!

  5. it’s like the calorie counter on an exercise machine–full of hooOOOooooey!! Designed to eff with U I think, I have noticed the oddest things in the dashboard area…not the least of which the search terms entered to find me. I remember that post you did about such things–I wouldn’t dare–lest I encourage that!!

    hennyway. Have a good day–I am going to the gym. No running til my injury heals…>sigh< but TG I can work out, still. It is so…uh…interesting…;)

  6. Same thing on the blog and amazed with just one visitor from different countries making it 35 views. The funny thing is that it happens to me on Sundays only..hehe

  7. I was so saddened when I saw my views this past couple of days. When I had quite a few now it says I have 23. I thought I had lost so many blogger friends because of this reason or that. Thanks for informing me

  8. Ok, I just looked at my numbers. I think they are fine for a Sunday morning, but then I checked my spam folder. Almost every follower I have from the UK that has commented is being sent to spam, regardless of how many approved comments they already have.

    What did y’all do to WP? 😉

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