Instead Of Looking At The Hundred Reasons To Quit …

… look at the thousand reasons not to give up.

Sometimes we decide to give up if there if we feel there is no chance at succeeding in something. We look at it and condemn it to eternal failure. But what if we look at it and say “What? You think I am going to give up just because you challenge me? There’s more where that came from!”

  1. You slide down a hill
    Hold on to something and climb again
  2. You trip
    Stand up
  3. You fail at a task
    Look at it a different way and try again
  4. You lose a race
    Train and race again
  5. Someone walks out of your life
    Look at the space you now have, the freedom

There is always a way to look for the good in something. Always.

I hope you have aΒ veryΒ good week.

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42 thoughts on “Instead Of Looking At The Hundred Reasons To Quit …

    • There are a lot of “if only’…” moments that I think about, but I also think “that’s why …” Hope you are okay Jo

  1. I like them all–the Brendon Bouchard one above all. I never do this, Al–but I am going to grab it and put it on my fb page–to remind me to do that. I think I forget to do that. And you know how they say you have time for what you make time for? Well….well well well….

    • It’s something that I do all the time unfortunately. I should take a day or so of not answering my inbox. I tend to do everything based on how many emails I have as I feel I don’t want to upset people by not visiting them, but with my course, I am having less and less time for me.

  2. So much uplifting inspiration and Ty so very much for sharing this and reminding me when I get overwhelmed to just sit down and breathe.

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