Wave As I Go Past

Last week, Sandra from Quirky Books decided to take on a blog tour which consists of answering four set questions and then asking three other people to partake. I don’t normally do these, but I wanted to allow my fellow bloggers to see the reason I am unable to visit blogs as much as I used to, and why I comment less.

1. What am I working on?
I am working a book at the moment. It may seem similar to so many others of its ilk, but it is not. At this moment, it has no title. The book is the origins of Raynard the Vampire. From his human beginnings to becoming a vampire and on to his obsession with Saskia.

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?
The book, although a vampire one with a vampire as the main character, is not a “oooh I sparkle” or “oooh I’m really a good guy”. It is one where he starts as a human with his own sense of values and then after becoming a vampire, we see his humanity wane and one aim on his mind.

3. Why do I write/create what I do?
The first answer that comes to mind is “because I can”. It’s because I want to. Because Raynard started off as flash fiction, but since his beginnings, he has become more of a person I love to hate, who a lot of readers love to hate.

4. How does your writing/creating process work?
I tend to make notes whenever I am out and about. I make notes on my phone, in my books, on sheets of paper I have. These give me the basis of where I am going. Plus some of the flash fiction stories have been set in the past, so they are dictated, plus memories, so they are fixed points as well.

Here is part of a chapter – I am not saying which chapter, or who this is, but it will be reworked as I have taken a few spoilers out so may not make sense in a couple of places.

The clouds he finally hoped for, started to cover the moon, and he allowed himself a grin. With renewed fervour, he ran to the edge of the roof and looked down. His target seemed nervous now that the darkness covered the town and started walking faster. On the roof, the hunter ran and leapt from one roof to the next, landing without a sound then carrying on across the next roof until he reached the end and then silently dropped to the floor, bending his knees to absorb the impact, and immediately stood in the shadows.

            His target strode around the corner and hurried on past without noticing anyone hiding. The hunter immediately reached out his hand with inhuman speed and covered the mouth and nose of his target causing panic. The emanating sense of fear overwhelmed him as it often did at this moment of the hunt, and he drank in the terror. He released hold of the mouth and spun his target, looking directly into the eyes, piercing the soul. He wiped away any memory of the target ever having seen him, any memory of having met him, and implanting a memory of just walking home. As his target’s eyes rolled back into the head, he extended his teeth and sunk them into the neck, starting to extract blood …

Now to tag three others to continue to keep the blog tour going on Monday 26th of May:

Emily Guido – Author of the Lightbearer Series

A series of books with two lovers who should not be. One from a race of Lightbearers – angelic creatures, and the other from a race of Bloodhunters. Creatures similar to vampires, but thousands of years old

Karen – Author of The Cyberland Series, So Five Minutes Ago and other funny and hilarious books.

A series of books that follow Link on his way through cyberland in a similar way to Alice Through The Looking Glass, but so much more funny. You can see everything you recognise about the internet with these books, and they are worth buying.

Arthur – Author of The Otherwhere Chronicles

These are a series of books similar to those of Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett. I have only read the first one and it is definitely worth a read. I have the second which I will get around to.

39 thoughts on “Wave As I Go Past

  1. Hmmm…do I remember this??? Just a tad familiar. I am glad you are working on the book. Maybe this summer I’ll tie up a few loose ends on some of the stories I started 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on quirkybooks and commented:
    Hi everyone

    Al joins in the Blog Tour fun and tells us about the awesome story he is working on.

    So many stars amongst us, so much inspiration. It is awesome, and so is Al. Check out his blog.

    Look out for my interview with Author Ian Kane. It will be posted on this blog on Monday 26th of May, you won’t want to miss it.

    Write soon

  3. Well done Al – and congrats on following your dreams and making them a reality. Totally awesome and wonderful 🙂

    Keep on writing and I wish you such heartfelt triumph and success.

  4. Wow A! You are writing quite a book! I like the memory erase! I wish we could do that in real life and implant our chosen memories! I like that A. 😇Yay for you! 😄

  5. It is great to hear about your writing and to know how you do what you do. I love how your work differs to others of its genre, a reasonably good character, turned bad. I like the juxtaposition.

    • Thanks Sandra. I was going to use a part of the prologue, but that would show too much of Raynard’s background.

      • Choosing what snippets to give away is very hard. Recently, a number of blogs that I have visited, have published topics relative to some of the chapters in my new Break through the barriers of redundancy book and I have made light of the fact that this is the case. Anyone following my comments on other blogs, will be able to start to piece together a proportion of my book.

  6. Interesting post, hunny. Much more substantive than these things can be, I enjoyed the spoiler, too! Your fiction has…er…got teeth!! haHA! But seriously, it’s a wonderful process in which we all go…down a road, up a hill, over the rainbow…writing bon (nay, bonner!!) mots as we toodle…

    • Thanks Karen 🙂 It is a good process, and once I get my … ahem … teeth into it, not a lot else gets a look in 🙂

    • There aren’t enough of them around anymore. There are too many Edwards, Bills, Erics and whoever else is goodie goodie

        • Spike was excellent before he got chipped, and Angelus is so much better than Angel. I think Raynard is more like Angelus, although I do think he is more evil.

          I do have werewolves in the Raynard story, but I have a reason for that 😉

  7. wait… I got the tag thingy… but I am pretty wrapped up in these hundreds of photos… but on the other hand I hate to let you down when you talked nice about me… Ahhhhhhhhhhhh

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