Our Newest Family Member

Earlier today, my sister asked me if I would be interested in a new member for our family. I said yes, and as I changed my phone, my texts between my sister and I stopped. Because I had gone from an iPhone to a Galaxy Note 3, her phone still tried to send me iMessages. So imagine my surprise when she turned up with our new baby. After a while and thinking, naming, unnaming, renaming, reunnaming, rerenaming – you get the idea. His name went from Tux (because of this white chest). Then Scully, Sox (which lasted less than two seconds) then finally, just as he decided to curl up on my daughter’s neck …


48 thoughts on “Our Newest Family Member

  1. Aww… he looks like a joy to have! And I didn’t realise cats get dementia too… have fun with your new baby!

    • It was a surprise when we found out as well. It was so sad. We didn’t want to get a new cat straight away as it would have felt like we were just trying to replace Tabitha. Then this little monster appeared, but he is so adorable (at the moment)

    • I am πŸ™‚ We are back up to two again now. We lost Rembrandt in 2012, and we lost Tabitha earlier this year.

        • It was. They were both very ill. Rembrandt was a result of an accident when he was a lot younger. He was hit by a car and the damage came back to haunt him later in life. Tabitha, she had dementia or something like that so it was only fair on them both

            • I hadn’t either. It was the only thing that could explain what she was doing. Apparently it is becoming more common which makes me think that it is something to do with food we eat or pollutants in the air

            • The other cat is Gogh – Van Gogh. Or turd. Or “OI! Get off of that” Seriously though, for an 8 year old kitten, he is the best pet I could have.

            • It was my ex-wife who named him. We had a cat go missing called Monet, then we had Rembrandt – who nearly caused a divorce there and then, and then we had Van Gogh. I said we needed one with a disfigured face and call it Picasso πŸ˜‰

  2. This is wonderful news, I am so happy as much as you all πŸ™‚ Give a big kiss to lovely Sully, Blessing and happiness to you all. Thank you dear Al, love, nia

    • Thanks Lauren. He’s not a scaredy cat. He is getting in everywhere and even “spitting” at Gogh, our adult cat πŸ™‚

  3. Al, how precious! Look at those eyes πŸ˜† Congratulations on your new ‘baby’! One of the pics is more black & white while the others seem more grey. What is his actual color? Either way…beautiful!

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