Sunday Photo Fiction: His Elevator Doesn’t Go to The Top

Every week a photo is used for Sunday Photo Fiction to use as a prompt for a story of around 200 words. If you want to have a go, head here.

This is part of Dan’s Story which you can find at the top under Fiction / Daniel’s Legacy: Dan’s Story.

End of the last part, Dan had a vision of Dahlia laying dead and dismembered,

60 05 May 18th 2014

Dahlia grabbed hold of Dan. His light green skin having drained to near white, and his hands shaking so much, she thought his prosthetic hand was going to come loose. Dan jerked away from her and she stepped back as if something hit her. CS glanced around with her hand on the grip of her pistol, trying to see what caused the reaction of the Vakarian. Seeing nothing that could be responsible, CS ushered them both through the door and into the elevator.

“I don’t know what’s going with you two love birds”, CS admonished, pressing the button to Dan’s floor. “But you had better get your head in the game. We need your bits before anyone else dies”

Dan held up a hand, waving her concern away and looked into Dahlia’s eyes. He threw all four arms around her, pulling her tight against him. “Don’t leave me. Don’t ever leave me. Stay where I can see you, always”.

 “What was that about?” Dahlia asked and he shook his head and told her she did not want to know, but did not release his hold on her.

CS smiled and looked at the photos of oilrigs and ships on the walls of the elevator. Then the box they stood in jerked …

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