Speed Demons

This is the third of four posts with photos from the weekend when I took my son to the World Rallycross Championship. Although today is actually his 18th birthday, they weren’t racing today,so I took him Sunday instead.


17 thoughts on “Speed Demons

  1. Another set of great shots raced right pass me…

    Happy birthday to your son!
    And – wishes to him for many…more.

    • Thanks Rosy 🙂 I took him to the pub tonight and brought him his first alcohol. Well, I got him to buy it seeing that he could. The age is 18 over here. I paid for it, he ordered it. He took a while before plucking up the courage to drink it. When he did finally take a mouthful, I thought he was going to throw LOL.

    • Oh thank you Celestine. That is the most wonderful thing that anyone could ever say to me. Thank you so much. I really do appreciate it

  2. That’s cool. I used to go to a race track in SoCal where there was a demolition derby. The car with the dust cover looks cool.

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