I Believe That Everybody Is Born With A Talent ~ Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou, poet and author, sadly passed away yesterday. It is always expected that we will die, but it is still sad when it happens. I did not know Maya, but I knew a lot of her words and they opened a part of me I never knew existed. She was a very wise woman and will be sadly missed.

These words that Maya said – I believe that everybody is born with a talent – is true. Each of us has our own set of skills. Our own things that we can do. Our own way of changing things. Our own way of bettering ourselves. Don’t say you don’t have a talent, because you do. Stop making that face! Yes … You … Do!

What have you done today? You opened your eyes, you climbed out of bed. You made breakfast. You turned on your computer / tablet / mobile (cell) phone or whatever you have done so that you can read this. There are some people who have no idea how to do that. I know a couple of them. They ask me why there is nothing on the screen, so I tell them to turn the monitor on.

I remember one day, one of them phoned me and said that the Wii wasn’t working. The four lights on the controller flashed and then stopped. I asked if the Wii was plugged in. Well, it worked after that. But this person can do other things that I never thought possible. This person is a great gardener. That’s something I can’t do. The plants I try to keep alive end up finding some way to cease trading oxygen and carbon dioxide.

There are people who can draw wondrous images from nothing, write a story from a glint in someone’s eyes. Make a rhyme from nothing. Spin things so fast you can’t see them. And what about the everyday people? The ones whose talent is the most important? The ones who can pick us up when we fall? The ones who are there for us when we need them? The ones who know the right thing to say at the right time. These people have a wondrous talent. So think about what you can do, and less of what you can’t. Because what you can do is a talent.

Today, I want to thank these talented people and the late Maya Angelou:

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40 thoughts on “I Believe That Everybody Is Born With A Talent ~ Maya Angelou

  1. A terrible loss. May those of us still left on this earth be inspired by her life experiences & words of wisdom. And – may her soul rest in peace.

  2. I didn’t know that she died. she was amazing and I have read many wonderful uplifting quotes from her. She was amazign and her words will live on!

  3. A timely reminder to treasure who we have for the time we have them and to do our best each day, something easily forgotten in our hectic world.

  4. Visits to your blog make a day start out so beautifully! I was saddened by Her passing but everyday when I see all who share with others I know that same spirit she shared with everyone through her gifts is wonderfully alive within us. She still will be a priceless treasure always! You are not so bad yourself AL, you inspire happiness with everything you share. Have a very awesome day, my brother!

    • Thank you Wendell, but I only share what others have written. I don’t have the ability to write what these have done.

  5. Beautiful post on many levels. She will be missed, her voice was so unique and not easily drowned out by others.

      • Yes, exactly. I was just thinking who now will emerge as having that same calm wisdom…and can’t think of anyone right off. Some voices can never be truly replaced.

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