Close, But No Limelight

These photos were ones that I considered making the Photo of the Week this week.

The bird on the litter in the river. Shows how disgusting some people can be by discarding their trash in the river instead of a bin.

The large daisy like flowers. Very beautiful with their powerful colours.

The flying magpie. This one was way up there, but as I had a magpie for the first week in May, this was sent to the sidelines.

The rose, I liked, but I had a flower last week.

The rowing club. I liked this one, but it was slightly out of focus,

Toby the cat on the beach. This cat loves the sea. It was amazing to watch it. The owners told me that he is so popular around where he lives, she is considering his own Facebook page.

Perspective. I liked this, but it didn’t hold me as a photo of the month kind of photo.

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