Photo of the Week: Week 22

Today is the last day in May, and that gives us a five weeker for the Photo of the Month. This photo, I was photographing the Dover Rowing club, standing on a stone Jetty, and these three lads came up near me and I heard them talking. One of them said about vaulting the fence, and another said they couldn’t because “he is taking photos and we might get in the way” so I stopped and told them they were fine. All three thanked me and went and sat down with their legs dangling.

The photo struck me as a “Moment of Summer”. All three seated there, talking about tombstoning – and they decided against it, saying there were too many rocks. I was impressed with the politeness of them, and their intelligence – or lack of stupidity – when talking about jumping in the water.

I did want to photograph the fair (or carnival depending on your country) last night with my shutter open for a couple of seconds to give the impression of speed. I arrived there at 10:02pm and it was closed. Not just closing, but completely shut down, so they must have closed at about 9:30pm. WHat kind of fair or carnival closes at that time on a Friday night?

Week 22

21 thoughts on “Photo of the Week: Week 22

    • Thank you. They were really friendly kids. In this town that is a rarity. We are more likely to have “Get out the f***ing way!” and nick something as they go past.

        • Well that wasn’t nice of them! If they don’t want to be inspired, then they don’t have to read them. You get trolls in all walks of life unfortunately

          • That’s what I thought; why didn’t he just unfollow me. I won’t say some of his comments on here as I don’t think that would be right, but he is a person I have talked with on Twitter on numerous occasions before and I thought he liked talking to me and reading my Tweets. I guess I got that wrong.

    • They were awesome. Such lovely lads. I was thinking about fuzzing the lad’s face, but you can’t see enough of it anyway

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