Friday Fictioneers: A Pain In The Neck

Raynard’s back …

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A Pain In The Neck

Raynard watched the people walking through the arch, as he looked for someone to feed on. He did not want a charmed person who rapidly forgot the encounter; this time he wanted the scent of fear, to feel the terror as the life drained from his prey. He wanted to be the last thing they saw.

Ninety minutes later, barely a person walked through the archway, so he secreted himself in the shadows. Then a lone man walked through, listening to music on his headphones.

Five minutes later, Raynard laid the body against the wall after healing all marks on the neck.

Believe In Yourself For You Are An Amazing Soul

People will tell us that we are good, and we won’t believe them. People will tell us that we are irreplaceable, and we won’t believe them. People will tell us we are amazing, and we won’t believe them. People will tell us we are annoying, and we will believe them. Why?

We never want to believe the good in ourselves, but we will readily accept the negative. We live in a world where the good, the positive, the wonderful all seem to be out of reach.

If someone says you are special, believe them. If someone says you are magnificent, agree with them. If someone tells you something negative about you, ignore it.

You are good, you are worth it, you are magnificent, you are unique. You are special. Always remember that.

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