Believe In Yourself For You Are An Amazing Soul

People will tell us that we are good, and we won’t believe them. People will tell us that we are irreplaceable, and we won’t believe them. People will tell us we are amazing, and we won’t believe them. People will tell us we are annoying, and we will believe them. Why?

We never want to believe the good in ourselves, but we will readily accept the negative. We live in a world where the good, the positive, the wonderful all seem to be out of reach.

If someone says you are special, believe them. If someone says you are magnificent, agree with them. If someone tells you something negative about you, ignore it.

You are good, you are worth it, you are magnificent, you are unique. You are special. Always remember that.

Thank you today to:

Inspirational Quotes

Smile At Me (Blog)

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42 thoughts on “Believe In Yourself For You Are An Amazing Soul

    • I thought that one would appeal to you 😉 That is one of the best on there, and I moved it forward from Thursday

      • It’s so wise and poetic too. You do know me, Al. Because not very many people would know that I would love that one the most. 😉

        • I would say I thought of you when I posted it, but that would be lie. When I saw you had liked the post, then I figured you had been drawn to that one 🙂

  1. I think we want to believe the positive things said about us but if we do we have to live up to them. That is hard because we are human and know that we are flawed. The negative is easy to accept because of that flawlessness. We accept the negative and try to become better persons. We should thank the person who points it out to us, whether it’s in kind or malicious because it helps us work on becoming the positive compliments we don’t believe. If this makes any kind of sense.

  2. we are a strange race to only believe the bad things, I blame all the TV and magazines that put people down and rarely give off encouragement…the revolution starts here then in that regard!

    • I agree. They magazines that say “This person is fat, and you look like them” or this person is ultra skinny and you will never look like them” Well, d’uh! they’ve been airbrushed! Not even THEY look like them!!

  3. Great quotes for a Monday morning…. Change comes from the inside. It is something I have heard twice in two days….maybe God is trying to tell me something? 🙂

  4. Always look up to ur awesome collection. Tis’ so true we need to focus more on positives and avoid the negatives as if it doesn’t exist. Have an awesome Monday. AL:)

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