Friday Fictioneers: Lost And Found

Every week, Rochelle hosts Friday Fictioneers where a photo is given to create a story of around 100 words. If you want to have a go, take a look at her page here, and if you want to look at some of the other stories, click a froggy.

If you want to try a photo prompt with more words, why not try Sunday Photo Fiction.



Sitting at his table, poring over sheets of paper, telephone transcripts, text messaged and so many other tiny breadcrumbs, he let out a non-existent breath and closed his eyes to focus, to calm himself.

“Patience”, he told himself. He stood and stretched his legs and lit another candle. Sitting back down, he picked up his laptop and started entering data again. Looking for numbers, looking for anything, any kind of sign, he tried to keep calm and failing. He made his hand into a fist when his laptop flashed and a grin spread across his face.

Raynard had found Saskia.


If you want to read all of this story from the beginning, then you can read it all either HERE on my blog, which is from the side of Raynard and friends, or you can read it on Jules’ page which is from the side of Saskia and her friends.

30 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: Lost And Found

    • Thank you Susan 🙂 Yup, and he didn’t have the disadvantage of starting young and so having more distractions

  1. Oh frack! Now Raynard knows computers? That merfer has too many advantages as it is. It’s time to break out the old C4 in the laptop trick! Excellent one, Al!

  2. Nice story, Alastair.
    Oh, but when a lover sends a message to his girlfriend, patience does not exist!
    Have a good night and sweet dreams, Alastair! 🙂

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