Sunday Photo Fiction: Office Visit

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62 06 June 1st 2014

Office Visit

Dan and Dahlia staggered through the door, unable to comprehend the events that just transpired. CS no doubt was dead after the elevator fell.

Dan slumped into his office chair run his upper hand through his hair whilst Dahlia stared out of the window. She watched a pair of shoes swaying in the wind as they hung over a cable. In the last few weeks, she witnessed death, kidnapping, torture, violence, dismemberments and wondered how she was still sane. A humorless chuckle escaped her as she wondered if she really was still sane or if this was some mental breakdown from seeing her father dead in the end of an alley.

Dan swore and stood with such ferocity his chair flew backwards, bouncing off the filing cabinet, causing Dahlia to jump. He opened a drawer and grabbed a file, and then opened his desk. He handed Dahlia a bottle of spirit, asking her to empty it. As she walked to the sink, Dan quietly slipped a handgun into the back of his jeans, hoping he never had to use it. Just before leaving, he threw all his other files across the floor, making it look like someone ransacked his office.

27 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction: Office Visit

  1. Nice. Looks like Dan intends to cover his tracks with an “accidental” fire. That’s smart thinking. Meanwhile, I sympathize with poor Dahlia

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