A River Runs Through It

These are a couple of photos that I have taken in the last few days. The moon was taken just a couple of minutes ago. The clouds were just so weird the way the light was fractured coming though it. The feather was rolling in front of me so I had to take its photo.

21 thoughts on “A River Runs Through It

  1. Cool moon pics…..love the water also. But I think the one with the feather is awesome! So many textures and colors. It is my fav! 🙂
    (what was your thoughts when you took that one?)

    • Thanks Eric. Amazing how deceptive these can look 🙂 Right next to the bridge, the wall on the right, belongs to the police station, on the left of the willow tree is a busy college and on the right is car park 🙂

    • Thank you 🙂 I was doing this post when I looked out the window and saw it, so grabbed the camera and went out. I played with the settings and shutter speed, but this was the first one I took

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