You Have To Tweet Them Wite

Over the last week, I have been following ducks up and down the river. There are ducklings that can only be a few days old, and unfortunately some of them haven’t made it. I didn’t realise that ducklings were on the menu for seagulls. I watched the ducklings go from eight, to five and then today I didn’t see any. I just hope I missed them. There have been a few other birds around as well, and they have been wonderfully posing. Here are a few of them.

Be Yourself. Everybody Else Is Taken ~ Oscar Wilde

When you meet someone new, do you act differently? The chances are, you do. You have no idea how that person is going to react to anything you say, do or act. We tend not to use verbal contractions (we will instead of we’ll; I am instead of I’m; You have instead of you’ve). We ted to avoid eye contact, we do a great many things to be what we are not so as to hide who we really are, and thus protect ourselves. How do we know when it is appropriate to go back to who we really are, and how will the people view us when they see the real person then?

Personally, I think we should be ourselves as soon as possible. Keeping a facade going will cause other people to take that as a given that it is us, and when we do go back to the real us, we may lose them as friends. Who is to say that these new friends wouldn’t like us if we started off being the real us.

I remember in the early 1990s, I was much more confident then, and I went to take-away to by some food. I was with a friend then, and he introduced me to his friend, but he used her nickname.

Him: Hey Al, this is my friend “Squiffy”
Me: (to Squiffy) What? Did your mother not like you?

It was the real me straight away. Or the me I allowed people to see. It was a time when the real me was suppressed, When I finally let out the real me many years later, my friends weren’t so keen on that person. So always be you from as early stage. Let people see you and you may well be surprised at how much they like you.

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