You Have To Tweet Them Wite

Over the last week, I have been following ducks up and down the river. There are ducklings that can only be a few days old, and unfortunately some of them haven’t made it. I didn’t realise that ducklings were on the menu for seagulls. I watched the ducklings go from eight, to five and then today I didn’t see any. I just hope I missed them. There have been a few other birds around as well, and they have been wonderfully posing. Here are a few of them.

27 thoughts on “You Have To Tweet Them Wite

  1. The law of nature. I have noticed the same at the duck pond at my local park – Cornwall Park. Even though we are nowhere near a beach we still have seagulls flying around too. Plus there is a lot of rivalry going on amongst the ducks themselves. Lovely photos. 😀

    • Thanks Raewyn 🙂 Unfortunately, as the seas are being “fished” to extinction, the birds have to go inland more.

  2. I’m glad you “captured” (immortalized) the ducklings before the seagulls did. I never knew that gulls eat ducklings! How could any of them survive anywhere there are gulls?

    • I didn’t until a couple of days ago. There were a fair few male ducks around and there was a seagull standing on some sandbags, and three males were watching it very closely

  3. I never knew that either ! I suppose it’s the Circle of life but those chicks are so cute!

  4. I know it’s the Circle of Life and all, but poor duckies 😦

    Is the last bird holding something in its beak?

    • No, it was just picking up crumbs. The one withs wings fanning, a little while earlier, it was doing that over its chick. Unfortunately some school kids got very excited when they saw the ducklings and it scared the baby off

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