Inside of a Church

One of our local churches sometimes opens the main doors for people to see in. I did ask once if I could take photos and I was told “not when people are here” which struck me as odd because if the doors were open, it meant someone was there. But a couple of days ago, I found out that wasn’t the case. The main doors are open, but the inner – glass – doors were closed and locked. So I took a couple of photos of what I could. A couple of the stained glass windows and the altar. I also took some of the flowers outside and the bell.

20 thoughts on “Inside of a Church

    • Thanks Alejandro. I love seeing what they look like inside. I will have to ask in some of the other churches around if I can go inside

    • They are nice. Because of vandals, the outside of the windows are covered in wire meshing to stop damage so you can’t see them. There is always so much work go into these

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