What On Earth Was That????

I haven’t checked my emails today, I’ve been too busy elsewhere. I checked my emails just a little while ago, and I saw the usual multitude of WordPress.com names along with [A Mixed Bag] beside it. Then I noticed a different name: [I-LOVE-I-SHARE: writing, social media & digital marketing/PR] Confused, I clicked on one and it had my post there. I then went to look at my Dashboard, and it had my three blogs listed:

  • I-LOVE-I-SHARE: writing, social media & digital marketing/PR
  • Haibun Thinking
  • Sunday Photo Fiction

I have no idea what happened, but when I refreshed the page, it was back as A Mixed Bag. I have changed my password, and I hope that someone has not been making comments on posts on my behalf. I will have to go through and check everything. A very weird “What The … ” moment.


14 thoughts on “What On Earth Was That????

    • It is. I did a google search for that and it is the sub heading of a blog on WordPress. Like mine is “A poem … A story … A photo .. Something Else” theirs is “I-LOVE-I-SHARE: writing, social media & digital marketing/PR” SO glad I changed my password. Twice in ten minutes

  1. Yeah I noticed that….I almost deleted them out of my Inbox but clicked on it instead to see what it was. I was surprised to see it reroute me to you page…weird! I’m glad it is fixed now! (hopefully, you never know with WP) 😦

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