As Long As You Are Trying Your Best, That Is All That Matters

When we want something done, we look at the end result and aim for that. It is not always an easy trek though. Especially if the end result is at the end of an emotional obstacle course. If we fail to reach it though, we kick ourselves, we swear at ourselves, we chide ourselves for not getting there. But sometimes it is not the end result that makes the difference. It is the way we try. The fact that we did try. Try, and fail. Try again, fail better. Trying our best in any situation is what we should look at.

Take for example a kite. A grown man puts fabric into a machine and it comes out the other end as a kite. Then a child, she has a piece of fabric, some bamboo canes, string and a sewing kit. The kid sews and sews and sews. She is so happy because she has made this kite. She holds it up, and the cloth falls off. But she tried her best, and that is far better than the one made in a factory. I know I would be happier with the one the girl made, as it has something in it. It has passion. She tried, she failed, but … she … tried!! Remember that when you fail at something, as long as you tried, you can be happy still.

Have a great weekend.

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