Happy Father’s Day

Whether you are a married father, a single father or a single mother, I want to wish each of you a Happy Father’s Day. If you are a single mother, then that means you are father as well as mother, so happy father’s day to you.

If you are a married father, then I hope that your significant other makes your day extra special. If you are a two father marriage, then I hope that both of you have a great day, and if you are a two mother marriage, then you will both have to be father as well.

My daughter dislikes cooking. Ever since she scarred her arm on the oven, she is worried about going near it. This morning though, she woke me up with breakfast in bed which consisted of a hot cup of coffee and a bacon sandwich. She even gave me a hand made card. On the inside it says:

Dear daddy

Words can’t describe how much
you mean to me. I don’t know
what I would do without you. You
have always been there even when
I put you through hell. I don’t
mean to be a b***ch and I’m sorry for
every time I up set you. Dad you
deserve the best, you really are my
hero. I hope you can forgive me for
all the bad things I’ve done,
there’s a lot of times some parents
would have just given up (something 
private here) but you didn’t and I am so
thankful for that. Dad long story
short you’re the best dad anyone
could have and I’m lucky to call you

Happy Father’s Day!

Lots of love

Love you dad.

Fathers Day