Every Exit Is An Entry Somewhere. ~Tom Stoppard

When a chapter of our life ends, we see it as an exit from that place, time, situation. Whilst yes, it is an exit, always remember that a door is two ways. When you leave the house do you not enter the world? When you leave one room, do you not enter another? When I leave my doors, I either enter the hallway or one of my balconies. Don’t look at it as one way, look at it as two. Don’t look at it as leaving one part of your life, look at it as starting a new one. I know this is harder to say than to do, but with some meditation, positive attitude, and self-talk, you can do it.

Be good to yourself, be kind to yourself, but above all, be true to yourself. Have a good week.

Thanks today go to:

Christina ~ (Blog)

Lisa K. Fox Psychic Medium

Random Thoughts n Lotsa Coffee

The Other Side of Ugly

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22 thoughts on “Every Exit Is An Entry Somewhere. ~Tom Stoppard

  1. I have discovered we affect more people and things that cross our paths than we ever realize. That is why is so important to take care with our words and actions. I would rather people see me and want what I have……than to see me and wonder why I am not happy 🙂

  2. I love the one from Random thoughts and lots of coffee. Boy don’t I struggle with that one and then those folks I let into my life sometimes use that door as an opportunity! So tired A. I am thinking about a blog break for sure! 😀 I think I will Actually!

    • I understand wanting to take a break. You will be missed though, and you are always welcome to keep in contact with me

    • We are. It is amazing how much we do without realising it. How many doors we open, how many new branches off our internal magical tree

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