A Week of Different Views

These photos from this last week are definitely different. And not a duck amongst them. I took them today, but they are for another post. I am on a restricted blogging time at the moment. Even when I was trying to reduce my time on here, I was still having no time to write and do my course. So now, I will barely be posting – maybe one a day, two at a push, and I must apologise if I don’t get round to visit your blogs in the next couple of weeks. I need to catch up badly with everything. I do still want to share the photos and I will still share the inspirational posts on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays although with fewer items on there.

  1. The rowing, I love the reflections on that one
  2. The moon with its colour was stunning
  3. The cat’s eyes just said it all
  4. My sister waving as she ran past us doing the Race For Life on Sunday. She ran 5km with one lung on 88% capacity and the other one not working at all due to contracting Tuberculosis in the 1980s.
  5. The woods besides my sisters horses always looks grand
  6. I have no idea why I decided to photograph the barbed wire, but I am glad I did
  7. I love the colouring of the flowers
  8. The river always looks stunning to me, no matter the weather.
  9. The same as the bridge.
  10. The bird reminded of the quote “I bird is not worried about the branch breaking as it has faith in its wings”
  11. And a wasp.