When Life Brings A Wind To Try To Blow You Over …

… Hang On – You have More Strength Than You Believe

There are going to be times when something happens that doesn’t just take your breath away, it knocks you on your ass and tells you not to get back up again. When you try to get up, it tells you to stay down, being more forceful. It wants you to quit. It wants you to say “I can’t do it!” … but you can. The strength you have inside you is unbelievable. It is amazing how you can stand back up again when you have been thumped to the floor. Think about what you have going for you. Think about who smiles because of you. Think about who is happy to hear your voice. Think about who you have inspired. And don’t say “but I don’t inspire anyone!” believe me, you do! Every breath you take is an inspiration to someone. You are what someone needs right now.

So stand up, use whatever language you wish at the wind that tried to keep you down, and bend like branches. Be flexible like a twig, not rigid like an oak. You can do it!

“There will always be those who support you
and those who don’t – more than a few,
but the one person in your life
you should know you can count on
is most emphatically – you.”
~ Penny L Howe, 2014

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