A Day At The Aquarium

It was my daughter’s 16th birthday yesterday, so I took her to London. When my son was 16, I took him to the Natural History Museum, and I promised my daughter I would take her on her 16th, so I did. After we were in there for a while, we left and headed for the Embankment. She didn’t want to stay too long as it was a very busy day with loads of kids from all different schools there. From primary to sixth form – age 7-8, all the way up to – 16-17. So we went to the Aquarium as well. As I am disabled, I got in for a reduced, and my daughter got in for free.

I don’t normally post photos of this quality, but it said no flash photography (not that it stopped some people) so the photos are quite grainy. These are just from the Aquarium. Photos of London and the Museum will follow in the next few days.