Sunday Photo Fiction: Be Careful What You Wish For … You Might Just Get It

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64 06 June 15th 2014

The man stood, leaning against the wall with people walking past him, taking no notice, not saying anything, not looking at him. He may as well have not existed.

He longed to throw some money into the wishing well, to make a wish, to try to change this life … if you could call it a life: wake up; beg for food; sleep.  He remembered how he came to be in this predicament. He found a wishing well and made a wish. He did not realise that wishes needed to be word perfect, as one wrong word changes the whole outcome of the wish. He asked for money not to mean anything. He meant for it be a way to end poverty and world hunger. Unfortunately, it meant that any money he had would be worthless after twenty seconds of handling it.

Seeing a coin on the floor and knew he could change everything now, but he had to within twenty seconds. He now knew what he wanted to wish for and ran, grabbed the coin and dropped it in the well. “I wish there was no world hunger.” He smiled, and then went cold. Everybody vanished. He was alone.

Once You Choose Hope, Anything Is Possible ~ Christopher Reeve

It is amazing that this was said by a super man. He was … Superman. Christopher Reeve played the “pants on the outside, cape wearing, Lois Loving, alien”. He said this after he had his accident and was thrown from his horse which broke his neck, paralysed him from the neck down and confined him to a wheelchair. Sure, it got him down, but it didn’t defeat him. His enemy was more than Lex Luthor, more than General Zod. His enemy was himself, but he defeated that enemy and became more of a Superman than he was before the accident. He became an inspiration. After all, if someone who can only move his head slightly can have hope, can believe anything and everything is possible, why can’t we?

When you are on one of your downward spirals, think of it as a trampoline. It will “boing” you back up. There is always hope in everything we say, in everything we do. Even if you don’t see it straight away. Don’t give up. Have hope. Have faith. Have a breather. Smile. Anything is possible because you can achieve it.

Have a great weekend.

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