Sunday Photo Fiction: Teeny Tot’s Torturous Terror

Every week a photo is used as a prompt for photo fiction. I thought I would get this done now as I won’t have time any other point in the week. If you want to take part in the 200 word challenge, head over to:

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65 06 June 22nd 2014

Six-year-old Kasey looked from the post box, to the letter in her hand, to the post box again. She knew she had to post the letter, but the thought of actually having her hand near the big red thing scared her. What if there was a monster in there waiting to gobble her up?

Kasey took a deep breath and stepped towards the monolithic construction. She stopped when she thought she heard a sound from it. She looked behind her and her mum waved her on, smiling. Kasey figured there was no monster there if her mum was sending her further.

She took another step forward and it looked like the opening changed to teeth. She involuntarily stepped back and turned, terrified, to look at her mum again. She still smiled, but this time, it seemed a black cloud surrounded her, and her eyes were red. Tears were now falling down her cheeks as the terror overwhelmed her. She squeezed her eyes shut and opened them again, to see everything normal.

Isak, her ten-year-old brother, took the letter and posted it. “See,” he said in triumph, “It’s just a post box”.

Then it turned into a monster and ate him.

25 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction: Teeny Tot’s Torturous Terror

  1. What a nightmare —- seriously twisted — but all in good fun!

    Great image Al – and despite the darkness to the piece, I still like it – it’s fun to give in to the urges to write the demons free of childhood terrors.

  2. Karma for sticking her braids (plaits) in the inkwells?
    Nice twisty. Poor Mum she wanted the boy.
    Maybe it was karma for her too! (he, he)

    Maybe tomorrow. I used up my word lists (they didn’t fit Sonja or Skywriter)…so I might wait until Weds. or Thurs when the next one from Red Wolf Poems posts. Or I may just produce something else entirely 🙂

    • Thanks Jules. There’s no hurry. I only did mine today because I needed a break from everything else and I knew I would be out of time during the week.

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