Visitors In The Sculpture

When Nia spotted my last post, she noticed that there were what appeared to be a pair of monks in the centre of the sculpture. I waited until a couple of people had moved away from the centre, but never noticed the monks until we walked further along, and I didn’t see them in the photo. Nia suggested I crop the photo, so here is the new version. I have blurred out the edges so the people at the sides are not the focus.

London (5-1)

26 thoughts on “Visitors In The Sculpture

  1. Excellent! This is very suggestive editing! I’m happy Nina pointed it out to you and you jumped at the opportunity of making this wonderful photo!

  2. This would be terrific for the weekly wordpress photo challenge. The theme this week: Between. This fits that challenge perfectly, and it’s just generally a great shot.

    • Thanks Eric, I have not seen the challenge this week due to lack of time. I will see if I have time to add it today

    • Thank you Nia. I appreciate your mentioning it. It does look awesome with them there. One of those “unique shots”

  3. Sometimes I am amazed at what I see in my photos that I wasn’t trying to get a shot of. Seems this happened to you also. This is pretty cool!

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