Photo of the Week – Week 26

It is hard to believe that we are now half way through the year. Week 26 of 52. Doesn’t seem that long.

This week’s photo was chosen by daughter, and was taken by me putting my camera from my Samsung Galaxy Note III on the floor and zooming in. She said it is different from my normal shots which is why it should be the Photo of the Week.

Week 26

A Rainbow Signifies The End Of The Storm

I have been out all day today taking photos of the local rowing cub for their regatta, and we were forecast a thunderstorm. The rain finally came AFTER the regatta finished and after the prizes were given out. I was walking to the pub with a couple of the rowers and it was raining hard. Suddenly, out of nowhere, there appeared a post right in front of my head. As I was heading home afterwards, there was a beautiful rainbow originating from the sea.

The rain was never going to last forever, the pain was never going to last forever, the rainbow has shown me it is gone. It is over. The sign of a new beginning appeared, so look out for your rainbow. Look out for your change that it is over, that your bad time has ended. It will happen. Take joy in it when you see it.

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