This Blogger Is A Precious Element

There is a blogger that I have read for almost two years, and her Haiku is very good and inspirational. When i went to the Natural History Museum on June 19th, I found her name in the precious metals and elements area of the museum. So Celestine – you are very precious.

Celestine (1) Celestine (2)

You Are More Important Than You Realise

Do you ever think that there is really no reason to be here? Do you think “what’s the point? Nothing I do makes a difference anyway”. Do you think “I’m not going to say anything, it won’t make a difference”


Everything you do makes a difference. You speak to that women – it may be the one thing she needed to stop her doing something she would regret. You smile at that kid – it makes him realise that the bullies are not the only people in this world. You open a door for someone, it makes them realise that not everybody is out to hurt. You get up in the morning – it makes a difference to so many people. YOU make a difference to so many people. You ARE the difference. You are the reason behind some people’s smiles. You are the reason some people can go to bed with a smile. You are the reason some people will go out again. You are important. You make a difference. You are special. You are unique.

Be you …
Be unique …
Be special …
Be the reason ..
Be the difference …

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