You Are More Important Than You Realise

Do you ever think that there is really no reason to be here? Do you think “what’s the point? Nothing I do makes a difference anyway”. Do you think “I’m not going to say anything, it won’t make a difference”


Everything you do makes a difference. You speak to that women – it may be the one thing she needed to stop her doing something she would regret. You smile at that kid – it makes him realise that the bullies are not the only people in this world. You open a door for someone, it makes them realise that not everybody is out to hurt. You get up in the morning – it makes a difference to so many people. YOU make a difference to so many people. You ARE the difference. You are the reason behind some people’s smiles. You are the reason some people can go to bed with a smile. You are the reason some people will go out again. You are important. You make a difference. You are special. You are unique.

Be you …
Be unique …
Be special …
Be the reason ..
Be the difference …

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Inspiring And Positive Quotes

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Random Thoughts n Lotsa Coffee

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28 thoughts on “You Are More Important Than You Realise

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    • Thank you Amy. I think that the words that these people write should be shared everywhere. They could help so many people

      • Oh, Honey, I so agree with you. This is the reason why I have worked to the point of dropping to get the following I now have. It is not for egotistical reasons. No. Many of the words I hear are from a Higher Source, and my photographs Mother truly works with me. Both bring Love and Truth and Beauty to a world that is dying. I just recently have made the decision to blog only 4 days a week, taking 3 days off, because I am getting so weary. I do so much as well behind the scenes, working again so hard to bring Love and Encourgement to many. This I do out of Love, yet this human form is becoming tired so for now, I must honor this body in order to continue the Work I have been asked to do. I am deeply grateful to you for helping me. May you be so Blessed!!! (((HUGS))) Amy

      • Honey, I really apologize. Again out of weariness, I erred. I thought you were one of the people who reblogged some of my posts today, so I was speaking of the work I do. I agree with you as well about the quotes you posted should be shared and said again and again. Please forgive my oversight. Between Life and all that it has thrown at me lately and the blogging, as I said, this body grows weary.

        • 🙂 No worries, I had two posts reblogged today, so I know it is difficult keeping track of what is going where. Especially with everything in the day to day life as well

          • Bless your Heart! I reblogged a post as well on top of having 3 reblogs. Unusual to say the least. I really thank you for understanding!!!! (((HUGS))) Amy

  2. Hi Al, it’s like you read my mind. This post is so true. Every decision we make in life has a ripple effect and can change the course of our life forever. We have the power within us, to change our future, forever.

    • The words that these people come out with that I pick up across the internet really are some of the most inspirational messages people can say. Sometimes I don’t think they even realise what they are saying.

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