Sam Sung A Song of Scenes

These photos I took of my camera with my Samsung Galaxy Note III. I will get there, although I am impressed with the clarity of a couple of these. These are taken looking DOWN the lens, so what you are seeing is through the viewfinder. The NY that you see is the logo on my baseball cap that I wear all the time (either navy or green – one of the two). I did try to stop the sun coming in from the right, but it stopped the view from inside so the light had to stay. I was heading off from taking photos of my sister at the Race For Life when I noticed the little bug hitching a lift on my lens, so I had to take a photo to hand in to the police for illegal travelling.

Sam Sung A Song Of Sun

Okay, that has to be THE saddest title for a post ever. I had no idea what to call it, and then decided on something stupid. The reason for the title is that all of these photos – of sun rays – are taken on my Samsung Galaxy Note III. I need more practice with it to get everything right and maybe get another couple of camera apps, but I quite like these, and I am quite impressed with the next collection as well (Sam Sung A Song of Scenes) which are shots of my camera.