Sam Sung A Song of Scenes

These photos I took of my camera with my Samsung Galaxy Note III. I will get there, although I am impressed with the clarity of a couple of these. These are taken looking DOWN the lens, so what you are seeing is through the viewfinder. The NY that you see is the logo on my baseball cap that I wear all the time (either navy or green – one of the two). I did try to stop the sun coming in from the right, but it stopped the view from inside so the light had to stay. I was heading off from taking photos of my sister at the Race For Life when I noticed the little bug hitching a lift on my lens, so I had to take a photo to hand in to the police for illegal travelling.

34 thoughts on “Sam Sung A Song of Scenes

  1. I love that first photo – looks like a giant bug climbing up the side of a building 🙂 I’ve got a Samsung Galaxy 3 (not the Note 3 though) and I’m quite happy with it. I think I must be going blind, because I can’t see any NY.

    • I did. I gave it to my son. I wanted something that was more suited to what I needed. The Note 3 has a stylus for writing in pen which I can do faster than typing when I want to jot something down. Plus the camera is more megapixels. It’s up from 8mp camera to a 13mp camera as well. The display is up from 3.5″ to 5.95″ so a huge jump, and hull HD with such clarity.

      One of the main things though, was that the iPhone had 16gb of storage and that was it. Nothing more. The N3 has 32GB internal with the option of doubling that.

      • That’s good then, I’ve been thinking of changing my iPhone 4s, and don’t even know if I wanted another brand or not. I’ll keep this info in mind. Tell your son he’s got a great dad! 🙂

        • Thank you 🙂 I really do appreciate your kind words.

          What I like about the note, I don’t know if you do it, but I get ideas when I am out, and bringing up note or something like that, and then typing it out can be time consuming. With this, I pluck out the stylus, open note and write as if doing so on paper. That was one of the reasons I went for something with a big screen.

  2. I plan to get a new phone soon, just can’t decide what I want. I love taking pics with them.

    • I had an iPhone 4S and nearly went for the 5S, but decided to go for something that did more, and the Note III is a huge phone and has a stylus for writing by hand which is handy when it comes for story ideas.

      If you are after a general camera phone, the Samsung Galaxy S5 looks pretty hot to trot. It’s Android, so if you are on Android at the moment you would keep everything

      • I currently have the iPhone 4 and been looking at the Samsung Galaxy phones. I’ll probably wait until the iPhone 6 comes out and see which phone I want.

        • My sister has the iPhone 5S and she isn’t overly happy with it because of the charging issues. I am glad I went for the Note. The S5, whilst very good, is way too small for my needs

          • Yeah, the iPhones are pretty small. I’ll see when they come out in a few months.

            • Sorry to interrupt, but my iPhone 5 using coworker is threatening to steal my Galaxy S5 if that helps any 🙂

            • I’m tempted to buy the S5 myself. But I’ll still wait to see if the next iPhone is any good.

            • Galaxys are good 🙂 The only reason I left Android before was because I got the HTC Desire, and as it was my first smart phone, it didn’t instill a lot of confidence. It was crap lol.

            • iPhone. Yankees. You’re breaking my heart, man. 😉

              Seriously, yeah HTCs are not the best. I had a Droid X before the G3. That phone almost made me want to change to Apple. Now I just won’t buy anything else besides Sansung. 🙂

  3. Nice job! I am still messing with the camera on my new phone but it’s not being very cooperative.

    I am seriously hoping you are not a Yankees’ fan and that NY is for something else.

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