Sam Sung A Song Of Sun

Okay, that has to be THE saddest title for a post ever. I had no idea what to call it, and then decided on something stupid. The reason for the title is that all of these photos – of sun rays – are taken on my Samsung Galaxy Note III. I need more practice with it to get everything right and maybe get another couple of camera apps, but I quite like these, and I am quite impressed with the next collection as well (Sam Sung A Song of Scenes) which are shots of my camera.

28 thoughts on “Sam Sung A Song Of Sun

  1. These are so lovely but you know how I feel about your cloud photos. Would you believe I have never taken a photo from my iPhone?

  2. Oh, you’re so right, Alastair…that was the worst post title I’ve seen in a long time 😀 Super photos though.

    • It is. The photo of the week last week was taken with the Note III, and providing nothing else changes, so will this week’s one 😉

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