Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark, That’s Where The Stars Are

When we are in a bad place, it is dark. We look around us and all we see is blackness. No light, we can’t see our hand behind our backs, we can’t see where we step, it is so dark that all we want to do is sit and cry. After all, who can see us in the dark? We are split away from everyone and everything. There is nothing we can do.

How about looking up? See there? In the dark? The stars. look at them. Each one will help light our way. Each one is a friend. All you need to do is ask them to help guide you from the darkness. They won’t be able to turn the light on for you, but they can help. What about your friends who are the “moon”? They are the ones that show you where the switch is. They are the ones that can show you the path, even when it clouds over, you can still see. Even if it does get dark, there are people there to help you. Don’t be afraid.

Thanks this week go to:

Beautiful Life

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Smile At Me (Blog)

Terry’s Thoughts in Poetry (Blog)

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27 thoughts on “Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark, That’s Where The Stars Are

  1. Shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you will land among the stars! 🙂
    Sometimes we are harder on ourselves than we are anyone else…. I would never talk to anyone I love, the way I talk to me sometimes. 😦

  2. I believe many of us have these moments at times. Some of ushide behind masks of smiles, while others live with blank faces. You are right though. We must look up, find the switch, find our strength in the friends who shine bright, showing us, guiding us to a brighter day. Hugs my friend

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