Adding Media To Your Post

Adding things to your post can sometimes be tricky. With some browsers, it is easy – you drag and drop and it brings up the correct dialogue box. Or you go in search of it and select it to add in. After someone mentioned that they were having trouble, I thought I would do some screenshots. Browsers have their bits in different places so to speak, so I will do this post for Mozilla Firefox. I personally prefer Chrome, and I use IE11 for Sunday Photo Fiction to save re-entering passwords and usernames. It also depends on how you are creating a new post as well. I am going to show from the way that I have always done it:

Blogging Pt 1

On Firefox, once you have selected New Post, you will have one of three views:

Blogging Pt 2

FULLSCREEN – “No Distractions” mode

Minimal Toolbar

Minimal Toolbar

With Kitchen Sink

With Kitchen Sink

On full screen mode, move the mouse to the top of the screen to find THIS:

Media Full Screen (Move mouse to top of screen)

Media Full Screen (Move mouse to top of screen)

On the other two modes, the Add Media button is on the left:

Blogging Pt 6 Blogging Pt 7

Once you click on this, you are faced with another window. The first is the main one:

Media Library

Media Library

The media library. This is where you can choose any of the images you have already uploaded to WordPress. The second is for uploading:

Image Select

Image Select

Where you select the image you want to use from your computer:

Select File

Select File

Which is then added to your media library with a tick and you select INSERT so it will then be in your post. Once there, if you click on the image, you will see this:

Blogging Pt 11


You can click on one of the highlighted white boxes to stretch the image in ay direction. Clicking on the pencil will result in:

Pencil click

Pencil click

Here you can change the alignment of the photo from left, right, center, none. The size from Thumbnail, Medium, Large, Full (Depending on the size of the image, LARGE may not be an option). You can also add a caption (the writing underneath the image in italic) and add ALTERNATE text (what is seen of there is no image available, due to either other people’s computer settings or mobile device settings)

You’ll notice in the Add Media image, there are other options on the left:

Insert Media

Insert Media

  • Create A Gallery: Images are tiled together, or you can set separate circles or separate squares.
  • Seat Featured Image: This is the image at the top of that post, above all writing
  • Insert tweet: You will be asked to choose With Hashtag (#), To User, By User, By Location
  • Insert YouTube: You will be asked for YouTube Address or YouTube User name
  • Insert from URL: Added from external website.


47 thoughts on “Adding Media To Your Post

  1. Hi Al, thanks for this awesome post. I have learnt some stuff. Can I confirm that Kitchen Sink is in ‘text’ mode and can you confirm the icon for it please. Also, with the gallery – How does one select multiple photos? How is the YouTube different from embedding? Does the hashtag appear when someone else shares your content or just when you do? I have much to learn.

    • The Kitchen Sink icon is the one at the end of the first row. It gives you more text options – paragraph options, underline, font colour, eraser, special symbols, clipboard, indent, undo, redo, help. If you are in Text mode, then you only have the icons that are standard icons


      img (image)


      Close tags
      Proof read.

      Embedding will only work if you have purchased wordpress which is why I didn’t add it.

      Selecting multiple photos, you hols CTRL down whilst clicking the images you want to include.

      I think the hashtag is only when you do it.

    • Thank you so much Penny 🙂 I think I may create a new sub-heading up the top, which will probably mean changing my theme. Oh dear. lol. Thank you 🙂

  2. …and you know what….. I got my new small, very silent computer, built by my son. Using Chrome now as browser now. Checked my WordPress and it works as you say… super!

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  4. You are a genius, Al I love you! You restored my faith in WP again…..I thought I lost it all and my sanity. It was the way I got a new post starting which was different how you do it — and I have my beautiful menu back.
    You are the best. Totally….. you deserve big hugs and a kiss.! I am so happy! 😀 xxx

    • I am so glad I was able to help. I clicked on the New Post link beside the speech bubble, and there is nowhere there to add photos, so if adding media, it is best to go through the long route.

      The menu is definitely a necessity in creating the posts. Without them, we may as well be posting on Blogger 😉

  5. One further query. Recently I was endeavouring to wrap text around images and line up images on the same line. The latter was achievable by reducing the size of the image, however, it was fiddly. The former , text wrap….well let’s just say one out of two isn’t bad! 🙂 Am I missing something or has WP removed this option?
    Cheers and thanks in advance.

    • Hi Kevil. I forgot to mention how you get that. If you look at the image “With Kitchen Sink”, just above the question mark is a box with dashes in. Clicking on that gives you the bottom bar.

      I will see what I can do with others. Thanks for the feedback

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