Mistakes Are A Part of Life

Every mistake we make is a lesson to us. We should be able to learn from them. If we make no mistakes in our lives, then we do not learn anything. However, if we do make a mistake, don’t just sling it in the corner and say “ho-hum, what a bum. Bit of strife, part of life.” We have to look at the mistake; look at it and see where the error was so we know not to do that again.

Once is a mistake
Twice is a choice

Learn and grow, grow and learn. It is human to err, it is special to learn.

Thank you today to:

Beat Redundancy Blues (Blog)

Christina ~ (Blog)

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45 thoughts on “Mistakes Are A Part of Life

  1. Pingback: Mistakes | A Simple, Village Undertaker

    • I really like that one. I read it four or five times when I first saw it, and I was going to jump the queue with it and post it last week, but it would have meant renumbering and renaming, so I decided to leave it in place

  2. Fantastic collection Al, my favourite is today Socrates… how true, build on the new… what I do and not fight the old. Yes I love it. Perfect!

  3. Morning Alastair, I smiled from start to finish. It makes my day reading these. How can I think negatively when your message is so positive!
    Have a great day, hugs Paula xxxx

  4. Great quotes today Al! It is so important to learn from our mistakes, and I find equally important to forgive oneself for past transgressions. That for me is usually the tougher part.

  5. Mistakes can always be turned into positives, It would be boring if we were all perfect…it’d be like looking into a mirror, ha!

    • Haha very true. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. For every negative there is a positive.

  6. Very well said. Sometimes I have to make the same mistake more than once in order to learn. Should I blame this on my being stubborn or maybe an older human?lol

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