Image Alignment


Aligning images can be a complete and utter painus in the anus. They never seem to want to do it. They scream at you with “We won’t do it!” or “You’ll never take us alive coppah!” I have had a look and there does seem to be a way to do it, although it is fiddly.

First, choose the images you want to add, and make a note of their URL – Uniform Resource Locator.


Do that with all images and then comes the tricky part. You now need to go into the HTML editor where it says “Text” on the right beside “Visual”


You will be greeted with a complete load of nonsensical gobbledigook which does actually have meaning. You are now on the guts of your page, and this is where you do everything by hand.


Now, you have those addresses to hand? You will see them on here as well. Now, you need to type the following:


This will place the images in a line going down and inline like this:


If you want to put it in a row, then you add a table.


I know html is not for everybody, and i know it is awkward to write. I have looked for the easiest though. If you want to copy and paste text with just changing your bits for it, I took these files from the WordPress help site.


Word Wrap Know How

I have been asked how to word wrap around images in WordPress.

When importing an image into your WordPress, you have the choice of where to place them – left alignment, right alignment, centre alignment or no alignment. If you choose “No Alignment”, then the image will sit in the centre and any text will appear above and below the image, but not to the sides.

It seems to be a relatively easy way to word wrap an image and there is only one way that I have found how to do it. You have to write the text first that you want the image beside.


Then you place the image either to the left or the right by clicking on the first line of the paragraph, selecting your image, and in its properties, select the alignment of Left or Right. This can be altered later.



Then insert the image into the post and you have the writing going down either the left or the right of your post, whichever you chose.


Again, this can be altered by clicking on the image and then the “Pencil” icon that appears in the top left, then select the alignment from there.



You Don’t Have To Be Good At Everything

Life challenges us. Work challenges us. Children challenge us. Everything challenges us.

The way we are challenged has us believe that we have to be good at whatever life throws our way, but not everybody can be. We all excel at one thing, even if you don’t know what it is. It may be something behind the scenes like spreading love, like diffusing arguments, or sharing things. But what about those things we aren’t that good at? Well, that’s why we have friends. People we know can fill in the gaps we have, whether they fill them in by doing, or by talking us through things,

You don’t have to be good at everything. But don’t be afraid to ask for help. There are people you know who can help with what you don’t know. You weren’t put on this Earth to know everything. Just to know what can help others when the time comes.

So never think of yourself as knowing nothing. Don’t think of yourself as being “thick” or “stupid” because you are not. You know what you need to. Always remember that.

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