Image Alignment


Aligning images can be a complete and utter painus in the anus. They never seem to want to do it. They scream at you with “We won’t do it!” or “You’ll never take us alive coppah!” I have had a look and there does seem to be a way to do it, although it is fiddly.

First, choose the images you want to add, and make a note of their URL – Uniform Resource Locator.


Do that with all images and then comes the tricky part. You now need to go into the HTML editor where it says “Text” on the right beside “Visual”


You will be greeted with a complete load of nonsensical gobbledigook which does actually have meaning. You are now on the guts of your page, and this is where you do everything by hand.


Now, you have those addresses to hand? You will see them on here as well. Now, you need to type the following:


This will place the images in a line going down and inline like this:


If you want to put it in a row, then you add a table.


I know html is not for everybody, and i know it is awkward to write. I have looked for the easiest though. If you want to copy and paste text with just changing your bits for it, I took these files from the WordPress help site.


16 thoughts on “Image Alignment

  1. What if the “image” you want to embed is the screenshot (with big arrow) that will launch a YouTube video? Do you have to upload the screenshot to your media library first?

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