Sunday Photo Fiction: He Could Remember A Lot

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67 07 July 6th 2014

The bell had been the focal point of the village since before he could remember, and he could remember a lot. The old man smiled as he climbed the 176 steps to the top. He remembered every step; every crack, every chip, and every scratch. He had walked up and down these steps for as long as he could remember, and he could remember a lot. Now the time came to ring the bell again, and this time, he was really looking forward to it. Far too much time had passed since the last peals sounded. He stopped and looked at a step, frowning. There appeared to be a new chip, one he did not remember. He would remember anything new, he could remember a lot.

Arriving at the bell, he looked around to try to find anything out of place. He saw the chains attached to the bell, the woman manacled in it, the wires attached to different devices, and a door slightly open. He remembered closing that, he could remember a lot. He smiled to himself, someone always tried to get involved, and it always ended badly. He remembered it all, and he could remember a lot.

He grabbed the woman’s hand and rang the bell as a gunman levelled his weapon and shot, the bullet finding the head of the old man. The woman breathed a sigh of relief and smiled at the gunman. She remembered his face, she could remember a lot.

Take The Leap of Faith

When we are scared, we back down. We turn and run. If there is something we want, and we are afraid to take it, then we walk away. But what would happen  if we were take the leap of faith? What if we were to say “I can do this!” What of we were to put that fear aside and realise that what we want is worth the risk? What if we take the leap and find out that it was the best thing we ever did? We take the leap and our biggest dream comes true. We can do it.

You can do it. If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything. Except maybe going into space by jumping. Or breathing underwater without apparatus. Do you have something you want to do but are afraid of failing? Take the leap of faith.

Have a good weekend.

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