Sunday Photo Fiction: He Could Remember A Lot

Every Sunday a photo is used as a prompt for a story of around 200 words. If you want to have a go, go take a look at Sunday Photo Fiction, or if you want to read some of the stories that have been written, then take a look at the LinkUp page.

67 07 July 6th 2014

The bell had been the focal point of the village since before he could remember, and he could remember a lot. The old man smiled as he climbed the 176 steps to the top. He remembered every step; every crack, every chip, and every scratch. He had walked up and down these steps for as long as he could remember, and he could remember a lot. Now the time came to ring the bell again, and this time, he was really looking forward to it. Far too much time had passed since the last peals sounded. He stopped and looked at a step, frowning. There appeared to be a new chip, one he did not remember. He would remember anything new, he could remember a lot.

Arriving at the bell, he looked around to try to find anything out of place. He saw the chains attached to the bell, the woman manacled in it, the wires attached to different devices, and a door slightly open. He remembered closing that, he could remember a lot. He smiled to himself, someone always tried to get involved, and it always ended badly. He remembered it all, and he could remember a lot.

He grabbed the woman’s hand and rang the bell as a gunman levelled his weapon and shot, the bullet finding the head of the old man. The woman breathed a sigh of relief and smiled at the gunman. She remembered his face, she could remember a lot.

36 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction: He Could Remember A Lot

  1. This was certainly a very intriguing twist or idea for this prompt Al!

    It is definitely a story that could really run away from this short piece into something quite longer. As it is, all by itself, it is “jolly good fun” —- in a sad and weird way. Leaves me thinking “hmmmm.” 🙂

    • I wanted to write so much more but I already have four serial stories at the moment, it would be unfair to do more as it would confuse people

      • roflmbo — well, a bit of confusion here and there can be a good thing, if no harm is intended.

        At least you have the bonus of shelving this idea and running with it as you wish. It certainly has great promise – and so for now, we’ll just accept it for what it is – which is Great! :0

  2. Ah, I do think the transference of ‘power’ is an important aspect here. I thought the gunman might be her rescuer. But if she looses herself to the ‘bell’ then perhaps even with saving she is lost? Is the bell smart enough to outwit the gunman? Well that’s my circular thinking 🙂

  3. This is intriguing Alastair, wouldn’t mind knowing more — why was the woman shackled to the bell, who was the gunman? So many questions 🙂

    • I did want to explain so much more, but I had already gone over the word count. I was on 260 at this point. The idea is that when the bell rings, his essence is transferred into the person who is shackled to the bell. Which is why it went from he could remember a lot, to she could remember a lot after the bell rang

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