Sunday Photo Fiction: Water Torture

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My story is part of an ongoing story on an alien planet called Vakaria with the main character called Dan. They are a tripedal, three eyed, four armed race, and they live together in somewhat harmony although after the people from Earth invaded Vakaria more than five hundred years before, but some rebelled against the invasion. The invaders were referred to as Earthers, and the sympathizers were called Humans.

If you want to read the invasion story, then read Daniel’s Story.

If you want to read this story so far, then read Daniel’s Legacy.

68 07 July 13th 2014

Dan sat with his feet dangling in the water. Swinging his legs, he watched the ripples expand ever outward until they disappeared. He wiped a tear from his eye at the thought that he would never bring the killer to justice. When he looked through the reports of serial killers, he found an image of a similar killer from seven centuries earlier on Earth. The killer’s face could have been a clone of someone he met recently. CS … Cigar Smoker. When he spoke to her unit and asked her name, the last name they gave him matched that of the serial killer in human history.

Now, he knew the twisted mess in the wrecked elevator, escaped justice and Dahlia could never have closure. He knew her heart would be broken, not only for the fact that Zoe Keegan would never face trial for her crimes, but that she walked, talked and worked with the monster that killed her father.

Dan stamped a foot in the water and watched as the ripples folded over each other, hiding some ripples and causing others to be become more pronounced. He stopped kicking water and groaned as he realised he had been played.

Who Is Awesome? The Person Reading This

That’s right. You. You are awesome. And do you want to know why? Because you are the best person at being you. Dr Seuss said it right when he said:

“Today, you are you.
That is truer than true
There is no one alive
Who is youer than you”

Don’t try to be what you are not, don’t try to be who you are not, because you are the only person who can be you, and you are perfect at being that. Even if your life feels like it is in the pits right now, don’t be someone else, that just puts a cover over you and starts to suffocate you, and then when you try to go back to being you, you will find it impossible. Be the perfect you, because you are perfect. Perfect in your imperfectness.

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